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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Dripalto recognizes and values your right to privacy. Most of the content can be seen without providing any personal information. When this is required, we will request only the information essential to respond to your query and will only use it as follows.

Our privacy Policy explains how your personal data is used and the choices you have about how it is used. By interacting with us and submitting information or signing up for any of the products and services we provide, you agree and consent to the companies collecting, using, disclosing, and sharing your personal information among themselves, as well as disclosing such to the companies’ authorised service providers and relevant third parties as specified in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on the above date and may be altered at any time to reflect our future developments, industry trends, and/or changes in legal or regulatory requirements.

What exactly is personal information?

Full name, date of birth, gender, passport details, or other identifying information
Contact information: Phone number, home address, and email address
Financial information: Credit card information, mobile payment information, and transaction history
Where health information is offered
Details about the guest’s stay: Arrival and departure dates, hotel stay history, and products and services purchased are all included.
Language preferences, special requests, interests, activities, hobbies, food and beverage preferences, and service concerns are all examples of personal preferences.
Technical information: IP address, device identifier, browser type and version, timezone setting and location, geolocation, and operating system are all included.

and platform, as well as information on how you interact with our website, goods, and services.
All interaction with us, as well as your reviews, thoughts, and opinions about our resorts, may be saved and added to your personal information.
Personal Information Collection

We gather Personal Information in the following methods, according to relevant law:

When making reservations, purchasing goods or services via our Websites or Apps; connecting with or posting on our social media pages; subscribing to our newsletter; or participating in surveys, sweepstakes, or promotional campaigns.
When you visit our properties or use on-property services and outlets like restaurants, concierge services, health clubs, child care services, spas, galleries, and so on.
When making phone reservations, interacting with us by email, fax.

We collect Personal Information from organisations with which we collaborate in order to provide you with goods, services, or offers based on your visits to our locations or that we feel will be of interest to you.
We obtain Personal Information from a variety of sources, including public databases, collaborative marketing partners, and third-party vendors.
When our CCTV cameras catch your image while you are on our property, or when our representatives or we take images or videos of you.

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